Valley Baptist Christian School was founded in 1975 as a ministry of Valley Baptist Church. The purpose of Valley Baptist Christian School is to assist the Christian home and church in training Christian students to serve the Lord. The school’s staff has the desire to see students mature spiritually, physically, academically, and socially. The program is based on Biblical standards which will help students to develop Godly character, morality, respect, and responsibility.

  • Phonetic Based Reading
  • Quality Christian Curriculum
  • Traditional Approach to Teaching
  • College Preparatory Academics
  • Computer Classes
  • Sports Programs (Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball)
  • Band Program
  • Science Fair
  • Drama Program
  • Choir Classes
  • Handbell Classes

Valley Baptist Christian School is a member of the Old Dominion Association of Church Schools.

Valley Baptist Christian School fully prepared me for college. During the first few weeks of class, I noticed I was academically better prepared than my counterparts. The curriculum at VBCS is advanced and prepares students to be leaders both inside and outside the classroom while incorporating Christian truth. The faculty and staff genuinely care about each student and push all to succeed in every aspect of life
Kelsey W.
What is Valley Baptist Christian School to me? It is learning to read, write, and speak well. The only three lessons anyone needs to learn to be successful in life. If you speak well, you can persuade armies. If you write well, you can leave lessons for future generations. If you read well, you can learn anything you do not already have mastery of. Nothing is impossible to the student that reads, writes, and speaks well. Nothing is impossible for a Valley graduate. Ask us. We’ll tell you.
Wendi S.
“I am grateful for the time and influence that was given to me by the teachers and staff of VBCS. The caring example they gave has been a consistent reminder to me of the power of influence. This is especially important since influence is the tool that God has given us to reach and teach people His Word.”
Pastor Daniel Crisman, Calvary Independent Baptist Church
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